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Camden African Neighborhood Development Organization

Cando is a 501-c3 Organization and is the founder of Dare Academy and WCMD Media, both located in Camden, New Jersey. 



AS the Creators of Our truth, we will only be guided by our Spiritual “I”, and not by economic, political, or outside social pressures. OUR strategic aim and purpose is to build a community for ourselves and Our Future Generations as defined in our script. WE are each responsible to maximize the use of our talents for the benefit of the whole.


EVERY person in our Master Mind Team MUST benefit from the Financial Success of our Business Enterprises through workers ownership. LEADERSHIP we must be ever conscious of creating and sustaining an environment where all of the above can be achieved.

C.A.N.D.O. was established in 2009, by Anthony Ways a lifelong resident of Camden, NJ. Mr. Ways, in his personal journey was falsely accused of murder and sentenced to 40 years to life in a New Jersey Prison. In his path to secure his freedom, Mr. Ways realized that his journey was more than just fighting for his physical freedom, but for the freedom of the community that he left behind in disarray. IN 2004 Mr. Ways secured his personal freedom and went about the mission to help secure the freedom of those from his environment.


In 2009 like-minded men and women help established C.A.N.D.O., Camden African Neighborhood Development Organization. We introduced ourselves first through hosting a series of community outreach events such as The Camden Clean UP, Parenting Classes, Feeding the Youth & Our Annual Summer Kickball and Softball games. During these events we addressed issues such as AIDS awareness, MS Awareness, Drowning Awareness, Cancer Awareness for Men, etc. We have created a program model that has been effective in increasing community involvement and communication, and reducing the violence in our neighborhood.



C.A.N.D.O.'s vision and mission is to address the totality of the individual. W ehave created a two year seven point curriculum covering all the arts. Liberal artss cover science, mathematics, and the proper use of language. Fine arts will cover the study of music, play an instrument, building crafts. Martial arts cover self defense, learning exercises, yoga and building the body. The Healing art allows you to stufy the causess of illness' and learning to heal the body and mind. Mystic arts cover the studying of the spiritual existence and understanding of GOD's Plan. The lessons will be completed with an oversvation toru to other stares and continents to learn thir ways of thinking in politics, business, law, and technology advancements. 

We approach this by addressing the four levels of existence' spiritiual, mental, emotional, and physical. The spiritual level is our center, our core an our value system. The mental is reading and exploring new subjects, writing critically, testint the ability to write clear and concisely. The emotional level is having the ability to socially  interact with others. The final level which is Physical, consists of eating right, exercising properly and securing food, clothing and shelter. 

Addressing these core realities will stimulate the individual's talent to come forth creating a new reality to their life. 

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1656 Kaighns Ave

Camden, NJ 08103


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